Talk Tuesday: Wedding Budgets

Happy Tuesday!  

Let's talk finances.  There are so many different perspectives on what a wedding should costs.  Let me set your mind at ease (at least a little)... There is no real right or wrong here.  It's totally subjective.  You spend money where you place value.  If for instance you are the bride that has been visualizing your dream wedding day long before you had a boyfriend, the thought of hosting a party celebrating a union to the man of your dreams may drive you to spend $100,000.  Or you may have your heart set on a dream house and spending a significant amount on your wedding day isn't part of your plans.  We understand both sides.  We're just here to provide you with information.  

Check out these interesting posts on budget statistics and planning from some of our favorite resources: 

"Survey Says!" - recently reports the National average wedding cost $30,000

Lauren from Every Last Detail shares her budget findings with brides and grooms who used wedding professionals.

And another from Every Last Detail on "What to Expect When You're... Planning A Wedding" 

We hope you find these articles as insightful as we did!